Radiation Detector

Portable Dosimeter Radtus R103 is sensitive to γ and β radioactivity and designed for continuous individual monitoring of radiation environment as well as the level of radioactive contamination of products, materials, clothing, food, ground, gas, and many others. In case of danger the device gives sound and/or light alarm. The unit has five operating modes, and is designed for long continuous operation without turn-off from two months to more than 1 year. Working time without battery replacement depends on the mode in which the instrument is used. Also the device has USB interface and therefore can be used as remote sensor with computer measurement systems.
The dosimeter is extremely easy to use and requires no additional specialized skills or knowledge.

Radtus helps detect radioactivity everyday, everywhere, to everyone.

Sensitive area

Sensitive area of the Dosimeter marked by red. Sensor hole is intended for more efficient registration of β particles.

This program is developed to work with the radiation detector Radtus R103. The program is designed for systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. The program uses the interface "virtual COM port" via USB. The program allows to read real time measurement data from the counter and store them in a file. Also, the program allows users to read the current settings of the device and change them.

To use the program, you must first install the drivers of the device to PC. To do it, you need to download them from this site, unzip it to it's directory. After that connect the device to the computer and when the system asks for drivers, point it to the folder where the drivers are placed.

The program requires no installation and is provided with online hints that explain how it works.

Download Radtus Simplest Terminal
Download Radtus R103 drivers (No need for Windows 10. Windows 10 install it automatically)

Work demonstration

Device overview

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